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The Mediation Message

​​Mediation Services

Successful mediation is like walking a labyrinth.  Moving at your own pace, you decide if you are reflecting on a particular question or walking the path to see what you discover.  The labyrinth has a single start and end point.  Though filled with many turns, this path will take you in a single direction, forward and out again. 

As a mediator, Ms. Bradford-Smith’s goal is to keep clients from getting stuck on points that do not take them forward.  The client is the expert in solving those issues unique to their situation.

Listening is the cornerstone of mediation practice. Recognition of a perceived or real disparity of power and to facilitate a process that is respectful to all clients is essential.

Each client will have the opportunity to present an uninterrupted version of their perception of the dispute and issues.  Ms. Bradford-Smith, as an active listener, will summarize and reframe these issues into each client’s desired outcome and shared commonalities.  At this point, the clients in conflict will move forward to a respectful dialogue of their differences in perception of the issues, explore areas of compromise and agree on a resolution.

Resolving conflicts at an early stage in a healthcare setting can prevent progression to costly litigation.  Most rewarding is the caring and humane resolution for the patient and each client’s physical, spiritual, and emotional health for years to come.  This process truly provides the implementation of a labyrinth and a path forward.